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The achievement of your individual fitness and lifestyle goals, with a personal touch, is the central mission of Vitality Fitness Concept.

Sharne will provide a fitness blueprint that is designed on a case-by-case basis for the individual, including a detailed outline of each vital fitness component which is crucial to the success of your training program.

Goals aren’t met on accident. Sharne is absolutely dedicated to his clients, going the extra mile to provide all the physical and emotional support possible throughout this body transformation process. Vitality Fitness provides a concept that will give you a map for getting there, and guide you every step of the way.

How will you get there? We’re glad you asked.
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A core component to the success of your program is realizing the importance of nutrition. Sharne will discuss the benefits of properly nourishing your body by providing diet recommendations and discussing how the body digests different types of food and uses them to provide energy.

timeCardiovascular Training

This foundational concept is related to a well-rounded and healthy lifestyle. Aerobic training conditions and strengthens the heart and lungs, which in turn become stronger and generates the ability to pump blood throughout your circulatory system more efficiently. Each client’s training program will incorporate a plan to improve cardiovascular endurance.

weightsStrength Training

When committing to a healthier lifestyle, the benefits of strength training are far too important to ignore. Would you be surprised to know that many of your fitness goals cannot be achieved through cardiovascular training alone? Indeed, positively altering your body composition starts with strength training. To get you on the fast track toward reaching your fitness goals, Sharne will design a strength training program in direct relation to your specific needs. How does it work?

Strength training protects bone health and muscle mass by improving your body’s mechanics, creating increased energy levels that are sustained on a daily basis. While there are many benefits to strength training, the most important aspect is increasing muscle mass, which accelerates your body’s metabolism – and fat burning abilities. For every pound of muscle you build onto your body, you burn an additional fifty calories at rest!

The Final Piecepersonaltrainer

Also included in your free consultation session is the mutual commitment to a fitness/lifestyle goal and timeline. By working with Sharne, you’ll have the confidence of knowing you have an expert trainer at your side to ensure your success. For the duration of your training, Sharne will record and monitor your body composition measurements every two weeks to ensure that you are on track towards reaching your fitness goal.

Within those first two weeks, Sharne guarantees that you will experience increased strength, endurance and energy levels. Within your first month? You’ll see visible body composition changes and while experiencing improved flexibility and core stability, too.

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