online training

The fitness industry continues to evolve as we rely more and more on technology.

Having the convenience to train anywhere you want at any time based on your availability of equipment at an affordable price makes this a game changer in the world of personal training. What better time to have your own personal trainer at your finger tips, with all your fitness data located in one place integrated into our online training application that can be viewed on any device. You will continue to be held accountable during your journey to accomplish your fitness goals and take steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

Training Programs

Vitality Fitness Concept provides you with workout programs tailored specifically towards your fitness goals, featuring high quality video content with detailed descriptions to ensure you are performing each exercise safely with the correct form. Online training workouts will be scheduled in your calendar within the application, providing you with an individualized road map of your fitness and nutritional goals with targeted health habits to keep you on track.

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching is not based on a generic diet plan. The ultimate goal of any diet plan is that it needs to be sustainable. Myfitnesspal is integrated within the application, so Sharne Hill can access your nutritional data and provide you with ongoing coaching, including structured meal plans centered around your health background, diet restrictions and nutrition goals.


Tracking Progress

An essential part of feeling motivated is seeing progress, having data collected during your training program helps you monitor your progress from exercise personal bests, body composition measurements, and progress photos. You can also integrate your favorite wearable tech for real time stat tracking, from active calorie burn during your workouts to training zones set up by your trainer to keep you in that fat burning zone.


You will have ongoing support through the online training platform with in-app messaging, video calls and push notifications so that you and Sharne are on the same page during your journey to achieving your fitness goals. Group training programs can also be paired with these services for creating fitness communities and sparking social motivation.

The success of any type of training, whether online or in person, will be determined upon your motivation and lifestyle.

There is no magic pill nor will you experience change from irregularly following your individualized program. You still need to put in the hard work by staying consistent with your training and nutrition if you want to see results. The difference is that now, you have a personal trainer who is going to guide and support you through the process.


Now, with all of the resources and tools at your disposal, it is up to you to take the first step towards a healthier lifestyle! Lets make it happen

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